If you want to have a good date, you should go to Casa Carmen

Casa Carmen Restaurant is the best place of Seville to plan a romantic dinner. It is a restaurant with a very stylized interior, thought to offer its customers a wonderful atmosphere with one of the best views of the whole city. It is the perfect place to celebrate a union, an anniversary or make future proposals.


Casa Carmen is located in the historic center of Seville, where we can get to know the cultural wealth of the Andalusian capital. At the arrival of the restaurant, a unique atmosphere, full of elegance and class, a place to live unforgettable experiences.


At Casa Carmen you have no problem getting a complicit waiter who does not help organize a little surprise for our partner. Similarly, at the time of making the reservation and not asking about the entrance, there is something special for that night and that it is very common that in the place are made marriage proposals or declarations of desperate love.


In short, this restaurant is the best place of Sevilla not only to organize appointments, but also to enjoy the best gastronomy. Go and enjoy The Casa Carmen Restaurant. The perfect place to have a good date.